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Israeli Army Kills Another Christian Woman in Gaza: They Shot at Those Who Came to Her Aid; Car Is Responsible for the Death Blow

Father Gabriel Romanelli, of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, reported from Jerusalem the murder of Elham Farah, former music professor and pianist who was active in the Latin Catholic Holy Family parish, located in the heart of the Gaza Strip, and was fleeing from the Israeli bombardments. She was shot on Sunday, November 5, 2023, when she went to see if her house was OK.

Farah, single, was a music professor who played the organ in the parish. Of Greek-Orthodox origin, she spent some time in a Baptist community and later was active in the Catholic parish. “She lived, prayed and took part in everything,” said Father Romanelli.

She sought refuge in Gaza’s Catholic parish of the Holy Family. A woman of great vitality, excellent humour and very appreciated professionally and humanly, not only by her students. Concerned about her house in the Rimal neighbourhood, she went to see if it was OK. “Last Friday, [November 10, ndr] she was able to call me at night, in a moment when there was a signal, and she said to me ‘I went to look for some things.’” On Sunday afternoon she returned to her house, despite being warned that the presence of the Israeli Army was causing “many confrontations.”

“On the way, they shot her in the legs.” On the ground, “she was able  to make some calls saying how she was. Muslim neighbours wanted to help her, but they were also shot at. No one was able to come and she died in that place. In fact, her body had not yet been recovered.” Already morning, an Israeli military vehicle drove over her, responsible for the death blow, according to eye-witnesses. It goes without saying that she could not be confused with an alleged “terrorist,” reported Mundo Clásico.

 Father Romanelli’s statements expressed “an enormous sorrow for the death of a dear person in such a tragic and despicable way; [it is] lamentable that she wasn’t treated as a human being.” The priest recalled other Christians who died, especially due to the collapse of an Orthodox building on October 19: Helen, Viola, Tarek, Abdelnul, Suhel, Judy . . .

From Jerusalem, where he has sought refuge, Father Romanelli requests: “Pray a lot for the Christian community, for the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, for an end to the war, for a truce, for the liberation of those that are deprived of freedom, that humanitarian aid will reach all.”


By:Rafael Llanes

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