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Israel vows to continue Gaza bombardment

An Israeli spokesman said it was expanding its ground operations in the southern and northern Gaza Strip.

Just a few days ago, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution supporting more aid for the Gaza Strip but fell short of a call for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The vote – tabled by the United Arab Emirates – followed days of discussions to avoid a veto by the United States, a permanent Security Council member and an important ally of Israel. However, the UN chief António Guterres said the problem to supplying aid was Israel’s ongoing offensive.

Entire population suffering acute shortages

A recent UN assessment found that Gaza’s entire population was suffering from acute shortages. Aid agencies say the limited supplies reaching the enclave are nowhere near what is needed.

Distribution has also been hampered by military operations and shortages of fuel.

Fighting escalates

Israel says it is determined to continue its military operations in the Gaza Strip. The pledge effectively rejects Hamas’ announcement that the release of hostages would only occur if Israel agreed to end the war.

Despite continuing ceasefire talks, the conflict between the two parties escalated over the last 24 hours. During that period, Israeli forces have operated from the air, sea, and land throughout the Gaza Strip.

A spokesman said over 2,000 Palestinian fighters had been killed in Gaza since the short truce collapsed at the start of this month.

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