“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Condemnation of bloodshed

My eyes are again full of tears and I say when is this going to stop. Please let it stop

I was so shocked as I entered my home, having returned from work, and turned on the TV to watch the aftermath of the bombing at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in occupied East Jerusalem. I was full of tears seeing the scene of students lying on the ground. I was as devastated as I was by the scenes last week in the Gaza bombing by Israel where 19 Palestinians were killed, 9 of whom were children.

My eyes are again full of tears and I say when is this going to stop. Please let it stop.

I am so worried for our future and the future of all innocents, regardless of their nationality. I am so mad and frustrated and very worried about the future; what is next? If each side continues taking revenge what does this mean? How many more innocents on both the Palestinian and Israeli side must suffer?

I can’t describe how I feel; I feel numb and furious at the horrific act against these students who are just trying to get their education. I am furious too for innocent children who died in the bombing last week in Gaza.

The cycle of killing will go on unless urgent actions are taken to put pressure on both sides to stop this cycle of violence. We always condemn these acts and we want you all to believe that we never support such actions that take the lives of the innocent.

We want you to join our voice of disgust and to please not let such actions turn you away from the reality of the urgent need for serious actions to establish peace and justice to both Palestinians and Israelis.

I hope that the world realizes that we are in desperate need of your help, please do not turn against us. Understand that we are in favor of peace negotiations and we are in favor of establishing a safe country for each nation.

No doubt Sharon will take his ‘revenge’ for this. All Palestinians are in fear of what collective punishment we will endure. Again, one act forces another, then forces another, then forces another. Violence will bring nothing but violence and the number of dead will continue to rise. We have seen enough blood soak our land. Children bury their parents and parents bury their children; the victims are both Palestinian and Israeli. Enough. This has to stop, for everyones sake.

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