“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”



HCEF is committed to the continued presence, empowerment, and well-being of Arab Christians in the Holy Land and to developing the bonds of solidarity between them and Christians elsewhere. Let

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KTH Appeal to Parents

Dear Parents of KTH Alumni, Hello on behalf of the young Palestinians of the Diaspora! We are alumni who participated in a journey to Palestine through the “Know Thy Heritage”

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2013 KTH Alumni Conference and Reunion

  Join us at our 15th Annual HCEF Conference, specifically tailored to our KTH Alumni! The Washington Marriot 1221 22nd Ave. NW Washington DC, 20037 Programming will be as follows:

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KTH Alumni Donation

  Thank you for your generous donation and commitment to fundraise! Your support will make it possible for other youth in the Diaspora to visit their homeland.   Please watch

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Women’s Empowerment Program

Christine Hobbi Hill joins Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS - HCEF President/CEO & Hugh M. Dempsey, KMOb., KHS.- HCEF Vice President, in a group photo with participants of the Women's Empowerment

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St. Paul’s & St. Eulalia’s Pilgrimage

St. Paul's & St. Eulalia's Parishes Living Stones Pilgrimage to the Holy Land April 27-May 11, 2013 From Boston, Massachusetts A spiritual journey full of prayer & fellowship with the “Living

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Journey to Bethlehem

Annually, since 2003, during the Christmas season, HCEF has invited approximately one thousand children from thirty-five towns and cities throughout Palestine and the Galilee in Israel to partake in a

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Bethlehem, Heart of Christmas

IntroductionThe Christmas season is important to the Christian community in Bethlehem and the Holy Land.  In cooperation with various churches and partners, HCEF launched the ‘Bethlehem, Heart of Christmas’ program. Christmas

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