“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

George Harfoush

George or Jorji Harfoush was a writer and a journalist from Beirut, Lebanon. He received his education at the Jesuit High School in Beruit and later worked as an employee at the Ottoman Diplomatic Service as a secretary for the Ottoman Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sophia as well as a representative to its commission in Paris. He worked as a journalist at various newspapers and went on to found three newspapers in Istanbul publishing in Turkish, Arabic and French, including Kalimat Al-Haq (The Word of Truth) newspaper in 1908. He also founded Al-I’lanaat (Advertisements) newspaper in 1912 and Journal De Beirut in 1914. Harfoush was appointed member of the Syrian Conference in Beirut under the rule of King Faisal, for which he traveled to Damascus and left his newspaper under the guardianship of Samih Khoury and Farid Kassab. He was offered to rule the Archipelago Islands after declaration of the Ottoman Constitution in 1908, though he refused. Among his notable remnants include seven newspapers and two printing houses.

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