“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Jamil Al-Ma’louf

Jamil bin Ibrahim bin No’man Al-Ma’louf was an author, journalist and translator. Born in Zahle, Lebanon, he received his elementary education at the Episcopal School, the Salima School of the Capuchin Fathers and the School of Wisdom in Beirut before ultimately enrolling in the Sultan School in Beirut and the Al-Maktab Al-Rashidi, a small teaching divan in the province of Astana. He knew several languages and worked as an editor in New York for a magazine, which was run by his uncle Yousef No’man. Despite his extensive traveling, he later returned to Lebanon just prior to World War I. He was summoned for trial by the Office of War and, despite hiding, was later caught. He was not sound in mind and was later transferred to Al-Asfouria mental hospital, and then back to his home in Zahleprior to the end of the war. Among his notable works include New Turkey and Human Rights, The Effect of Flowers on Nature, The Political Will of Mehmed Fuad Pasha, The Law of Arab Press and History and Traditions.

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