“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Tawfiq Salloum

Tawfiq bin Nasif Salloum was a Lutheran doctor, writer and poet. Born and raised in Hama, Syria, Salloum studied at the American University in Beirut, where he received a degree in both the sciences and medicine. He was also the recipient of an honorary degree in surgery, anatomy and chemistry. Salloum began his career in education at the Yashmazin and Batram schools in Lebanon, after which he moved back to Syria and worked in Damascus and Hama before ultimately becoming a doctor in the Ottoman and British Military. In 1945, Salloum was elected as head of the Anglican Communion and moved to Damascus, where he opened a private clinic. He wrote on several subjects, including religion and nationalism. His writings also included poetry, most of which dealt with subjects including flirtation, history and war. Among his most notable works is a collection of writings entitled Mokhtarat min Shi’ir wa Nathir Al-Doctor Tawfiq Salloum (Collection of Poems and Prose – Doctor Tawfiq Salloum).

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