“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Tawfiq Shamieh

Tawfiq Jubran Shamieh was a politician and a former Syrian minister. He received his elementary education at the Orthodox School in Damascus and later went on to pursue his higher education at the Syrian Evangelical College, or what is known today as the American University in Beirut. In addition to Arabic, Shamieh was also fluent in French, English, and Turkish. Prior to and during World War I, Shamieh worked for the Arab Movement and, as a result, was banished for his political activism. Throughout his political career, he participated in establishing the Syrian National Committee and contributed to the founding of the People’s Party. He was later elected a member of the Orthodox Communal Council in Damascus. In 1920, Shamieh was appointed Director of Politics and Publications in the Arab Government in Damascus under the leadership of King Faisal (1883 – 1993 AD) and served as a minister of many governments alongisde Taj Al-Din Al-Husni and the office of Shukri Al- Quwatli. He also served as governor under the rule of Mohammed Al-Abed.

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