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1 Instructions
2 General Information
3 Internship Goals
4 Post-Primary Education
5 Employment and Experiences
6 Language and Skills
7 Citizenship Information
8 Hobbies
9 Additional Information
10 Documents
11 Signature

  • HCEF INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT PROGRAM; Work to learn and give in Palestine!


    INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    1. You must submit a 1-page-maximum signed cover letter with your application which answers the following important questions.
      1. Why do you want an internship with HCEF?
      2. What goals are you expecting to achieve personally and for Palestinians collectively through the HCEF internship program?
      3. What occupation interests you and why?
      4. Are there specific professional skills or experience do you hope to gain through an HCEF Internship?
      5. What personal gifts or unique perspectives will YOU personally bring to this organization as an HCEF intern? How will you give back to HCEF and to its mission?
    2. You must submit a 1-page resume or CV with your application. If applicable, this should include your work history of the last 3 positions or more. For more information on CV’s or resumes, contact HCEF’s USA offices. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.
    3. 2 letters of recommendation from professors, academic advisors, supervisors, coaches, or other adult mentors, MUST be submitted in order for your application to be considered complete.
      1. the two (2) letters of recommendation must be signed (actual signature) by those recommending you.
      2. Letters should be sent as scanned PDF attachments*.
      3. The letters should be on letterhead and include the recommender’s title and complete contact information.
      4. Recommendation letters must be sent to agalvan@hcef.org from the organizational/company e-mail of the person recommending you.
      5. Each letter must be addressed to “The HCEF Internship Placement Committee”
    4. Do not exceed the space provided for each response. If you require additional space, please use the additional page at the end of your application.
    5. You must submit 1 profile photo of yourself electronically.
    6. Your application must be signed (actual signature) by you.