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Convert or die, says Shia leader to Iraqi Christians

Dozens of Iraqi Christian families filed a lawsuit against the head of the Iraq’s Shia Waqf (Iraqi Shia Endowment Fund), Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi, on charges of incitement against Christians. Al-Moussawi, who is in charge of the body which maintains all of the Shia holy sites, including mosques, Huseiniyas and schools, sparked anger as he declared Christians to be “infidels” during a speech

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‘We cannot rest’ while Christians are being persecuted, advocates say

“When fellow Christians suffer, we suffer too," Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. stated in his May 12 keynote address at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians. At the meeting religious leaders called Christians in the West to support their brothers and sisters in faith. WASHINGTON, D.C. - Christians around the world have been models of forgiveness amidst persecution,

Niniveh: reconstruction increases Christian unity and communion, says nuncio to Iraq

In a letter to Patriarch Sako, Mgr Ortega Martín says that cooperation between Churches is a "strong show of communion” in the face of persecution and violence. The prelate notes that it is everyone's responsibility to favour the return of refugees to their homes. He praises refugees who "after losing everything, held on to their faith." Christ "is your strength",

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Egypt’s Coptic Pope meets the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury in historic UK visit

Egypt's Orthodox Coptic Pope was received this month by the Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prince of Wales during an historic pastoral visit across the United Kingdom. The meeting of the Queen and Pope Tawadros II, 118th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark took place on 9 May at Windsor Castle. Tawadros presented the

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UNESCO will proclaim the “Path of the Holy Family” World Heritage of Humanity

Cairo - UNESCO is preparing to recognize the "Path of the Holy Family", the itinerary that unites the places travelled, according to the millennial traditions, by Mary, Joseph and the Child Jesus when they found refuge in Egypt to escape the violence of Herod, as "World Heritage" of humanity. This is what Adel Gindy, general head of the international relations

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Russia finances the restorations of “Star Street” in Bethlehem

Bethlehem - The Russian government has decided to finance $ 4 million in restoration and reconstruction work in the historic center of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. In particular, urban renovation works will focus on "Star street", which crosses the old city of Bethlehem, and the adjacent streets. The project for renovating streets and buildings of the Palestinian city -

Inauguration of the church built in the village of Ismailia with the offerings of Muslims

Minya - It took little more than a year to build the second church in the village of Ismailia, in the Egyptian province of Minya. The Christian place of worship was also built in a short space of time thanks to the financial contribution of the local Muslim population. The inauguration of the new church, dedicated to St. George and

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The question of “Normalization”

COMMISSION JUSTICE AND PEACE ASSEMBLY OF CATHOLIC ORDINARIES OF THE HOLY LAND What is normalization in the Israel-Palestine context? At its most basic level, “normalization” is the establishment of relations with the State of Israel, its organisms and citizens “as if” the current situation is a normal state of affairs, thus ignoring ongoing war, occupation and discrimination, or consciously obscuring

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Bethlehem: Christians and Muslims join forces to help kids with disabilities

Stories of coexistence between Christians and Islam. A Journey to the West Bank, inside the Effetà Paul VI Institute where beautiful complicities spark among humans who strive together to take care of the most vulnerable little ones. During the historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in January 1964, Pope Paul VI – upon learning that many deaf children had no

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Iraqi Christian villages to begin rebuilding process with the first 100 homes

The long road home for the thousands of Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIS is set to begin Monday with the construction of 100 houses-- the first of an estimated 13,000 houses to be built in a venture that will cost about $250 million. Ethnic and religious minority groups like the Assyrian Christians were driven from their ancestral homelands across the

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