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Fr. Yacoub Rafidi: “Being rector of Latin Patriarchal Seminary is a big responsibility, for the seminary is the beating heart of the Diocese”

INTERVIEW – In August 2017, Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, appointed Fr. Yacoub Rafidi as rector of the Latin Patriarchal Seminary in Beit Jala. During an interview with him, Fr. Rafidi spoke about this new experience and the challenges he faces in this mission. He also highlighted his doctoral thesis entitled “Catholic Pilgrimage in

Violence started from Goutha, the rebel district: appeal by the Trappist nuns for the end of the war

Damascus - "When will weapons be silent? We, who live in Syria, are sickened by the general indignation that arises to condemn those who defend their lives and their land. We went to Damascus several times these months; we went after the rebel bombs had attacked a school, we were there a few days ago, the day after when, 90

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Monastery of St. Catherine: Sinai monks and bedouins hope for tourist return

The Orthodox monks of St. Catherine, one of the oldest continuously operating monasteries, share their daily lives with the desert tribes. Along with his dark jellabiya head dress and a red keffiya, Ahmed Abou Rachid also sports the latest model sunglasses. His street-accented voice contrasts strongly with his status as a Bedouin chief, who leads the Jabaliyas, one of the

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Saudi crown prince visits Cairo Coptic cathedral, meets pope

CAIRO - Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Coptic Pope Tawadros II at Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedral on Monday in what state media said was an unprecedented visit by an official from the conservative Muslim kingdom. The visit was part of a three-day stay in Egypt for Prince Mohammed, his first public trip abroad since he became heir

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Brother Emile of Taizé conducts a prayer for peace in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – On Sunday, March 5, 2018, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute organized a Taizé prayer led by Brother Emile, one of the brothers of the French community. More than fifty faithful came to the Institute in Jerusalem to experience that special atmosphere so specific to this monastery, which hosts weekly more than five hundred young people from across Europe. For over an

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If Trends Hold, There May Be More Syriac Christians in US and Mexico Than in Iraq

To catch a glimpse of just how ancient—and strong–our Christian faith truly is, take a drive up the Jersey turnpike. Say what? How cool would it be to walk into a church filled with worshipers all speaking the same language that Jesus and his apostles spoke? You might think that you need a time machine. You don’t. You don’t even

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From Aleppo to Jerusalem, Catholics pray for peace

From Aleppo to Jerusalem, Catholics and people of other faith denominations join in initiatives of prayer for peace. The drama of the civil war in Syria has recently intensified, especially in the city of Ghouta, located 20 kilometres from Damascus. Recently, the Salesian priest from Aleppo, Father Mounir Hanachi, has issued a message saying that the last seven years of

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Jerusalem Patriarch, church leaders thank King for support during recent crisis

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III has thanked His Majesty King Abdullah, on behalf of himself, the patriarchs and heads of the churches in Jerusalem, and the Council of Churches in Jordan, for the help and support His Majesty provided to the Christian community in the region during the recent crisis. In a letter sent to King Abdullah following

Statement on Municipal threats and the discriminatory “Church Lands Bill”

The heads of Churches in charge of the Holy Sepulcher and the Status Quo governing the various Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem, are following with great concern the systematic campaign against the Churches and the Christian community in the Holy Land, in flagrant violation of the existing Status Quo. We, the heads of Churches in charge of the Holy Sepulcher

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Church leaders shut Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre in land, tax protest

JERUSALEM - Church leaders in Jerusalem shut the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Sunday in protest at a new Israeli tax policy and a proposed land expropriation law which they called an unprecedented attack on Christians in the Holy Land. Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian church leaders said the holy site, a popular stop for pilgrims and where