“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

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Reflections from the Holy Land 2020.

Reflections from the Holy Land Status Update – Coronavirus   JERUSALEM - Not in our wildest dreams would have anyone imagined that by now some 50% of humanity is under lockdown, normal life as we have known it came to a standstill in a mere few weeks and none of us can predict what the short term future let alone

March 27th, 2020|

Maronite Church offers two structures to hospitalize Coronavirus sick.

Gestures of solidarity towards the victims of Covid-19 multiply. Catholics also join by offering a residence in Jbeil and a hotel in Harissa for quarantined people. The patients will be able to attend mass on television and receive communion. One of the structures is connected to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon. Beirut (AsiaNews) - Spontaneous signs of solidarity

March 25th, 2020|

Syria’s war is not over, there is more despair than hope.

As the country enters its tenth year of civil war, the situation remains critical. Hospitals are on their knees, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, and new humanitarian emergencies unfold. Fr Georges, a Blue Marist, a month ago thought that the liberation of Aleppo would bring peace. That illusion vanished amid “asphyxiating desperation”. The West fights jihadists at home

March 25th, 2020|

The Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in the times of Covid-19.

“The community of the friars of the Sepulchre is made up of 11 brothers,” says Fr. Salvador Rosas Flores, Superior of the Franciscan convent at the Holy Sepulchre. “Despite the complete absence of pilgrims, we are keeping up our rhythm of prayer and fraternity. Our main intention of prayer, in this period, is the request to the Lord to take care of

March 25th, 2020|

CCSM calls for sharing prayer with Pope Francis, Wednesday mid-day.

Pope Francis has called on all Christians throughout the world to join in praying the "Our Father" on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, at noon which also marks the Feast of the Annunciation. He made the appeal after praying the noonday Angelus on March 22, broadcast from Apostolic Library in the Vatican. The Pope also announced that on the following Friday,

March 25th, 2020|

LEBANON – Coronavirus, Lebanese churches offer residences and buildings for those infected and under quarantine.

Beirut  - The Maronite diocese of Byblos started, where bishop Michel Aoun made a summer residence belonging to the eparchy available to coronavirus patients forced to isolate themselves. Then, yesterday evening, Father Fadi Tabet, of the order of the Lebanese Missionaries "Kreimisti", recently appointed head of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, announced that he would make

March 25th, 2020|

Br. Patton: “Now we need the pilgrimage of prayer”.

"There's a time for everything under the sky," says the Qoelet. A few weeks ago we reported a large number of pilgrims present in the Holy Land: their growth was clearly visible in the streets and Shrines. A few weeks later, the situation and the statistics are quite different due to the spread of the Coronavirus also in Israel and

March 25th, 2020|


Jerusalem, Mar 20, 2020 / 11:30 am (CNA).- As Easter is approaching, the Holy Land is enduring tough times: the sacred sites are shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, and pilgrimages have come to an end. These events “meaningfully impact our religious communities, especially for the lack of the Eucharist,” Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa told CNA. Pizzaballa is the Apostolic

March 25th, 2020|

Statement by the Patriarchs and the heads of the Churches of Jerusalem.

The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs urges the World Community to preserve the Churches’ heritage in the Holy City The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine affirmed that the Palestinian Leadership and President Abbas have been persistently following up on the file of the properties of the Greek

March 25th, 2020|