“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”
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This is an annual program to provide modest gifts for the Holy Land Christian children throughout the Holy Land during the Christmas season. Receiving a gift from Christians outside the Holy Land is a sign of hope for these children who live in adversity caused by the occupation, violence and conflict. Children and their families from around the world can share in this project and truly unite in solidarity and prayer with their Christian family in the home of our Mother Church. Through the generosity of friends in Christ, these Holy Land children will be able to know the joy of Christmas.

  • All gifts are purchased locally from artisans and merchants, thus helping to create jobs for needy people of the Holy Land.

  • Children of every Christian denomination receive gifts in celebration of their unity in Christ.

  • Jesus Loves the Children is an ideal project for church groups, schools, and individuals. Each $10 donation will ensure that a Christian child in the Holy Land will receive a gift at Christmas.

  • Churches or schools participating in the Child Sponsorship Program and Beacons of Hope program or churches engaged in Parish Partnerships may designate Christmas gifts for the children in their partnership schools.

  • Church school classes and parish groups can celebrate Christmas all year by designating their offerings or sponsoring a fund raising activity for the Jesus Loves the Children program.

  • HCEF will provide promotional material, including brochures and donation forms, and will help with program interpretation.

  • Join the Christmas Gifts Committee “Jesus Loves the Children” to be part of the Christmas spirit.

Thank you for bringing a smile to the faces of children in the Holy Land!

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