“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”
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This special event consists of a simulcast video conference between Bethlehem and Washington. People will gather at the two locations along with important religious and political figures to partake in a joint, televised, message of faith, peace, and solidarity. Choirs will gather at each location, and Christmas carols will be sung in both English and Arabic. This program endeavors to build solidarity between American, and Palestinian Christians, and will build a bridge between the two communities. The event will also signify the strength and passion of the Christian Community and its message of peace and hope. The event will also showcase to the Christians of the Holy Land, the commitment of American Christians to their Palestinian brothers and sisters of faith. Another important outcome of this event will be the chance for American and Palestinians to connect with in a unique way with their homeland and its people.

Christmas Message of Peace Simulcast aims at:

  • To create a bridge of cultural and spiritual dialogue between Palestinians and Americans by connecting Palestinian and American Christians with one another over a shared celebration, and by creating a healthy atmosphere of communication.
  • Increasing the awareness of international Christian communities about the social and living conditions of Christians in the Holy Land.
  • Supporting Palestinian media services through their promotion and service provision at the event, and also by promoting them to the American community.
  • Conveying a message of Christmas from the land of Christmas.
  • Promoting the image of the Palestinian community and territories.
  • The encouragement of Americans to take pilgrimages to the Holy Land which will raise the profile of Christian Palestinians, increase solidarity between Christian communities, and also directly benefit the economy of Bethlehem.
  • Connecting Arab Palestinians and Christian Palestinians living in the United States with their roots in the Holy Land.

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