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What Jerusalem Means To Us – Endorsements & Reviews

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The Endorsements

Jerusalem’s importance has always commanded worldwide attention and more recently has attracted greater attention and reflection. This present volume, “What Jerusalem Means to Us,” is a collection of essays by authors belonging to different Christian denominations, sharing insights and experiences. These reflections on the birthplace of the Christian faith should spur the reader to meditate on the authentic and urgent call of love, justice, and peace for Jerusalem and its people. It is through a compelling and inclusive message that faith, dialogue, and unity are deepened. From Jerusalem God’s Word on love, justice, and peace goes forth to the rest of the world. May this book serve as an instrument to rouse minds and hearts to carry out the Gospel with dynamic faith!

Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa
Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

An essential book to read.

Jerusalem, our Holy City, has attachments for all — Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others. Anyone claiming that Jerusalem is only Jewish or that it’s the capital of the State of Israel is fabricating history as well as ignoring Christian and Muslim presence and rights there.

Archbishop Theodosios Atallah Hanna
Archbishop of Sevastia
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

A true testament …. The authors join countless others in Jerusalem and beyond in witnessing for peace and justice. Even though they represent various backgrounds and follow different paths, they are united in commitment, faith, and hope for a future filled with light, instead of darkness, and for solidarity with the Living Stones, the indigenous Palestinian Christians, as they struggle to survive. Our heartfelt thanks for this important book…. Our fervent prayers for an embracing Jerusalem.

Bishop S. Ibrahim Azar
The Evangelical Lutheran Church
in Jordan and the Holy Land

My Jerusalem, the most beautiful city in the world, belongs to humanity. No country and no religion can claim exclusivity. With a rich and diversified heritage, Jerusalem should remain an open city with access to all, with the freedom to come visit or pray if they so wish. I would like to congratulate HCEF on a job well done, and thank the authors who shared with us a valuable testimony about the holy city of Jerusalem. I encourage people from different walks of life to read “What Jerusalem Means to Us.” It provides an insight to the intricate position of Jerusalem and the complexities, in hopes that more become active partners and involved in efforts to achieve justice and peace.

Claudette Habesch
Former President of Caritas MENA (Middle East and North Africa)
Former Secretary General of Caritas Jerusalem, The Holy Land

Book Reviews

Dr. Stephen Corbin
Living Faith Lutheran Church
Rockville, Maryland USA

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Steve France
an Episcopalian lawyer and journalist

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Fr. John Predmore, S.J.
A Jesuit priest of the Northeast Province of the US and the Chaplain for Ignatian Ministries at Boston College High School

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