A message of solidarity and condolences from His Beatitude Patriarch Sabbah to the American People and the church of America for the terrorist attack against the innocent people, which took place this morning in New York and Washington.

Jerusalem, September 11th  2001

Your Eminence and dear Brother,

I would like to express to your Eminence and to the Church of America and the entire American people our solidarity and condolence for the terrible events which took place today in the USA.

We are with you in prayer and feelings. The Church of the Holy Land prays with you and asks God to give you all His divine comfort and hope in these difficult moments.

The Christian Communities in Jerusalem and the whole Palestinian people stand with you in these moments and share with you the sadness for the loss of innocent brothers and sisters in humanity and faith.

We condemn these horrifying crimes and we are shocked and deeply saddened when we watched the extent of the catastrophe inflected upon the innocent people, which was caused by horrible acts of terrorism. It is unimaginable to see how catastrophic the extent of terrorism could reach.

Let us work together for a better world as we begin the 3rd millennium after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace.

Please extend our deep and heartfelt solidarity with all the families and relatives of all the victims of these events. May the Lord give them strength and patience.

With our sincere and fraternal prayers and feelings.

+ Michel Sabbah
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem