Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation

11th International Conference~ October 23-24, 2009

Conference Program Book Ad Fees

Place an Ad or Greetings/Salutation in the program book by Mail or Fax

Please click here for a printable application Form
Place an Ad or Salutation in the program book online
Full Color Page 7” x 9.5” $1,000.00
Full Color ½ Page $600.00
Black/White Full Page $ 500.00
Black/White 1/2 Full Page $ 300.00
Black/White 1/4 Page $150.00
Black/White 1/8 Page $75.00
Name Listing $35.00
Photo $25.00 Extra
Graphic artwork-extra charge $100.00
When we receive your order online someone from HCEF will contact you to obtain the information
Click here to view 2008 Conference Program Book
Sample of Greetings/ Salutations and Ads to choose