Bethlehem    —–      Washington. DC

Internship Dates:   Open immediately for a minimum of 2 months

The Strategic Internship position for Communications & Outreach is an important role. The intern will make a meaningful contribution, specifically by increasing and improving publicity for the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF), as well as strengthening strategic partnerships. Additional hours will be required for special activities and events

HCEF will provide you with a unique opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of the Holy Land Christians, Palestinian economic environment, political landscape, social structures and conditions, as well as the Palestinian identity, culture, history and traditions.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated the essential abilities to:

  • learn new  concepts and skills quickly
  • balance various different assignments, while meeting strict deadlines
  • think creatively and present ideas and proposals clearly and effectively
  • communicate effectively as part of an international team
  • compose compelling written communications
  • conduct thorough research and accurately document information sources
  • proficiently operate all elements of MS Office, as well as social media including facebook, twitter, youtube etc.

Chief responsibilities: *

  • Devise and implement outreach strategies for designated groups in the US, including but not limited to seminarians, Presbyterian churches, university students.
  • Collaborate with staff to optimize HCEF event attendance.
  • Edit, revise and draft brochures for all HCEF programs
  • Attend  and photograph events and programs organized by HCEF
  • Write timely press releases for HCEF events and programs
  • Optimize social media outreach on facebook, twitter, youtube etc.
  • Conduct interviews as needed with HCEF event attendees, program participants and beneficiaries, etc.
  • Conduct research and data analysis (may include social, religious, economic, historical topics, as well as market research) and write reports, as directed
  • Assist in event and program coordination as needed.

*This internship description is broad and comprehensive. It can be further tailored to suit the best candidate’s skills, experience and interests, as well as the events and activities taking place during the internship. Eligible candidates will need to be available to attend specific HCEF events , including but not limited to HCEF’s annual international conference.

Please submit your resumé/ C.V. with a cover letter to