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Awards Recipients

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Each year, at the time of the International Conference, HCEF grants awards to people and institutions who have accomplished excellent work in support of the Christians of the Holy Land.  The 2016 Awardees are:

This annual award was established to honor an institution that has made a sustained and extraordinary effort to love, support, and stand in solidarity with the Christians in the Holy Land.  These institutions, through their acts of love and action, have demonstrated their determination to preserve the Living Stones in the land of Christianity’s birth.

This annual award is given to an individual who has dedicated his or her life to preserving the presence of Christians in the Holy Land.  The award recipients have demonstrated courage, determination and action to advance the cause of justice, sustenance, and spiritual support for those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and live in the land where He was born, taught and rose again from the dead.

The Global Leadership Award honors individuals who play a vital international role that promotes understanding and action in support of the Holy Land, its people, and its culture.


The Heritage Award honors individuals who advocate for the preservation of the cultural, historic, and national resources of the Holy Land and is proactive in finding practical solutions to Holy Land heritage issues at home and beyond.

This award honors individuals or institutions that have a sustained commitment to revitalize the Palestinian essence with its cultural heritage, core values, current needs, and future aspirations. Such institutions serve as a sturdy bridge of solidarity for Palestinians in Palestine, the Holy Land, and beyond.

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