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Musician receives award for commitment to Palestinians

Singer and justice campaigner Garth Hewitt has received an award for his longstanding commitment to the Palestinian people.

Singer and justice campaigner Garth Hewitt has received an award for his longstanding commitment to the Palestinian people.

The award was a recognition of both the relief and awareness work done by his charity, the Amos Trust, and also his personal commitment through songs and telling the stories of ordinary Palestinians and their daily struggles.

The award of recognition was presented by the British relief and development agency Interpal during a two day conference called ‘Partners for Peace and Development for Palestine’.

The conference looked at the Palestinian humanitarian crisis and brought together charities and aid groups from around the world who are working in the West Bank and Gaza.

It was held at the Holiday Inn, Regents Park in London.

The conference focused on building partnerships and creating the conditions for aid programmes to work more efficiently to help support the economic and social needs of the Palestinians and provide relief and aid.

Others who received awards included Sir Iqbal Sacranie, former chair of Muslim Council of Britain, Lauren Booth and MP George Galloway. Guest speaker at the reception was Lord Ahmed.

The award comes one year after Garth Hewitt was honoured by being made a Canon of St Georges Cathedral, Jerusalem in recognition of his work highlighting the crisis facing Palestinian Christians.

On receiving the award Garth Hewitt said: "It is crucial that we work together across all faiths to support the Palestinians. There is a humanitarian emergency unfolding before our eyes.

"I was in Bethlehem a few weeks ago – It is a town locked behind the wall – a prison of humiliation and lack of freedom. The constant illegal land grab and shameful conditions forced upon the Palestinians should cause Christians and people of all faiths to act.

"The church is currently silent yet we are seeing the destruction of a Christian community. At the same time it should be speaking up on behalf of all Palestinians regardless of faith for all are suffering and Muslim and Christian work closely together in this struggle. The situation in Gaza is even worse. Together we must tell people around the world the stories of daily suffering and abuse to raise international pressure to call for a return to International law and the restoring of human rights.”

Garth Hewitt who, last year also received a citation of appreciation from the House of Poets in Ramallah for his songs on Palestine, is about to release two new songs on Bethlehem – “They’ve Cancelled Christmas (The Wall Must Fall)" and “Hidden from View”.

Garth is currently touring the UK giving concerts, “Wings of Love” publicising his new prayer book “Holy Dreams to Feed the Soul” (SPCK) with prayers from the Holy Land as well as other parts of the world.

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