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  1. Greek Orthodox Parish
  2. Catholic (Latin) Parish

Location, Area and Population
‘Aboud, is a mountainous village, which spread on a land of 13857.5 dunums, 30 kilometers northwest of Ramallah city and reaches up to approximately 450 meters above the sea level. While the 2,500 (44% Christians) inhabitants of the village occupy a built-up area of about 500 dunums, the majority of the land is cultivated with olive trees and covered by a charming colored nature characterized by various types of plants.

Main economic sectors
More than 80% of the villagers are employed in the private sectors, industrial sector, constructional work and animal rising. However, following the eruption of second Intifada in September 2000, 10% of the Palestinian villagers who worked in construction inside Israel lost their jobs, so that agriculture is becoming the main economic source for a growing part of the population of the village. The main agricultural products in ‘Aboud are: olive oil, olive oil soap, wine, and dried figs.

Historic sites
Aboud is considered an historical site as it host many churches, monasteries and mosques, which have their ruts in the Byzantines, Ottomans, and crusades empires, and which had eventually been rebuilt between the fourth and seventh century.

Israelis occupation activities
Israeli occupation activities in the village started in 1980 when Israeli authorities confiscated 780 dunums of agricultural land for military purposes. That brought to the establishment of Beit Arye, the first Israeli settlement on Aboud’s land. Following the first confiscation order, the village had to stand an escalation of violations, which include land confiscations and house demolitions, either to built and expand the settlements or to implement Israeli segregation plan trough the construction of the wall. In 1988 Ofarim, the second settlement was established on 633 dunums of the village’s land. According to the Israeli segregation plan once the wall will be completed, it will physically stretch on 8.134 kilometers length, cut-off 4825 dunums of agricultural lands and isolate some of them behind the wall.

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