“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

George Ghattas, HCEF vice president has eloquently expressed from Bethlehem the turmoil of the war,

George Ghattas, HCEF vice president has eloquently expressed from Bethlehem the turmoil of the war, his feelings and the feelings of many living under these horrid conditions
Please take a moment to read each of his short writings, as it will help you feel what they, those living under occupation and war, are feeling.

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1. Should we expect any Different
Should we expect any different,
From democracies that camouflaged statehood on stolen land, and people defy
Should we expect any different,
From nations that abolished other peoples dignities for its own, and people justify
Should we expect any different,
From a future policy that has a chronic blindness and dumbness; why!
Should we expect any different,
From a world order that mirages democracy with slogans, and people clap
Should we expect any different
From a vague description of securities, and people sigh
Should we expect any different
From a defended monopoly over God’s grace, and people shy
Should we expect any different
From a memory of nations that started 11 day ago, while people die
Should we expect any different
From consciousness that is revived with death and destruction,
From decades researching for the real issue! Resolutions testify
Should we expect any different
I do,
From a land that is blessed with three religions; Glory to God
From an acquired historic lesson that truth will prevail; faith in Human kind
From a love to humanity that overshadows evil and hate; might is not right
From an exercised humility that we are dwellers on this land; a bit of an oversight
From a promise of a better life; overcoming death; a candle of light
From a fatherly anticipation of my granddaughters future; not the next generation’s plight
From a brilliant sun that we did not create; we are all creatures of one kind
From borders that are open and athletic politicians that can leap; citizens who are smart
From an eager conscious to stop and not repeat; from cultures that dialogue.
2. Kristina was stuck
In Bethlehem late at night, Kristina was stuck
At the back seat of her family’s car, touring with her father;
Kristina was shot, she was caught in cross fire,
Kristina lost her dreams and future to a mistake,
Her classmates mourned the sudden death,
Her sisters, kept her desk, her bed, her photos that lived.
That was five years ago.
Kristina, died yesterday,
This time in Gaza,
A fourteen year old daughter, a 14 year old sister
Kristina, could not stand the sound,
At her home, near by the YMCA, the bombing was all abound,
That was yesterday
A week, passed, it must have been a nightmare,
She simply lost breath, her tinny hearth could not take the shock
The fear, the agonizing sounds, she thought her house was shelled
Her father, a doctor, could not help, she gave up
Now she is dead, her family mourns the future that was held up
The dreams that were kidnapped and the world that just shut up
Today, tomorrow and the day after
The school will remember her, the latin and the orthodox,
Her classmates, Christians and Muslims were mourn her
It is not politics, nor democracy, but arrogance that killed her
A thousand will open up their hearts to sadness
Their 14 year old classmate is gone,
Their fourteen year old friend is gone
Their fourteen year old dream of better world will last.
3. We do all pray 2009 is different, together in God's grace, we can make it happen!
I remembered what happened in our neighborhood five years ago.
Confining ourselves to the only safe room in the house, the bathroom!
Fearing to look outside the window and be sniper shot,
Praying our door is not knocked on in the middle of the night,
Comforting the two frightened kids with kisses on the forehead and hugs,
Singing out loud, merry songs, clapping our hands counter to the echoes of shuttering bombs,
Gasping for a calm sunrise, wishing yesterday was but a nightmare, sadly it was not
The reality was that everything around you is bombed, every sign of civilization is attacked,
A fresh loaf of bread, lettuce, and bit of tomatoes, was a treat, meat on the other hand was luxury
Sirens launched all over, gossip of land attacks were spread, anxiety and threat of death was the talk of the day, every day for 45 days
International solidarity campaigns, “stop the killing of the innocents” where everywhere,
Condemnations, condolences, and marches calling for peace and the end of occupation,
Officials and Nonofficial’s debating , appearing and sometimes disappearing,
Life talks, emails, faxes and special announcement, breaking news, the deaths are increasing.
That was five years ago!
Now, it is someone else’s daughter, someone else’s son crying
Now it someone else’s house destroyed, it is someone else’s life threatened or taken,
Now, it is someone else’s news we hear of, weep at someone else’s photos of destruction,
Now, it someone else’s fault, politicians brag, someone else’s breaching,
Now, it someone else’s story, but it is all one story, one land, one issue, one conflict, one solution, everybody concern,
Peace. We cannot afford short memories, tomorrow is the yesterday of the day after,
What shall we remember five years from now!

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