“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Gaza children in Christian eyes

There is nothing worse than losing the life of innocent people. No land or ideology or anything matters when life is lost in between. The innocent civilians keep paying the price of political agendas and when it comes to helpless children it is totally unacceptable in Christian perspective as in other monotheistic religions. The sanctity of life as a gift of God is absolutely fundamental and should not be violated
Executive Secretary, Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre – JIC

In a televised interview with one Arabic news channel, President Obama showed great value to such Christian positions.  He asked everybody and especially in the Middle East to focus on the future of the children. Arms and political struggles, religious fanaticism and historical vendetta have not and will not bring better life for our kids. It will not get them the education, health and normality they deserve.

What happened in Gaza is an episode of our black present that will be recorded in the history of this region with children’s blood on the hands of political leaders backed by the indifference and silence of the faithful.

The Christian World and the International community failed to stand up to justice. They abandoned one of the main mandates given to us by our Lord. Some might have seen justice from a different angle and some have just failed. As major as this failure looks it is still not a sin in the eyes of some. Killing children is a sin and keeping silent about it is taking part in it indirectly. This should be clear.

Christian organizations and International agencies rush in aid for the devastated societies after the damage has been done. They ask themselves; what we shall do now?. Well, now is too late. But even so, they insist on doing something and usually they go in circles again and again in such a way that the pain is prolonged and justice is lost by the aid injections that barely keeps the patient alive in coma… while children are still at risk.

Jesus taught us not to judge the sinner and God forbid us even to charge them. The Almighty is the only capable of doing so. But that does not mean we stay indifferent and should prepare ourselves for immediate action to prevent the second episode. Prepare ourselves to prevent another massacre and protect the Children. This is what we must focus on. The children would be our compass. The Christian world should be working for a normal life for the children in Gaza, in Sderot, in Iraq, in Africa, and even in the slums of Chicago and Los Angeles…

Certainly there are causes for each conflict and be it justifiable or not these pending issues always blow in our faces and children are killed or crippled as a result. This is why justice is a prerequisite to protection of children and a guarantee of a normal life afterwards. This is why Justice should become a priority and more important than humanitarian aid. By ensuring justice there will come a time no other aid is required.

As you lobby for abortion and same sex marriage, give a chance for children’s justice, for a normal life being it freedom from occupation and an oppressing regime or adequate share of food in an under developed country. We owe it to these innocent creatures.

At the end when my children are living a normal life same as anybody’s children then I am free. If my children are protected I feel secured. When my children are healthy and have a home, I preserve my dignity. Then there will be peace. This is key to observe a cease fire and end to conflict. This is how we should all feel in this land we call Holy. By the way, all the land on this earth is Holy since it was created by God and the human beings living in it are His most precious creation. Stop their bloodshed.

Christians of the World are asked today to prevent the next episode of violence and protect the innocent children of God. By advocacy, by political pressure, by economic measures, and diplomacy the oppressor should be reminded of his children and that his children are not the only children on this land.

John 4:50  “Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.”

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