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Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Heads of Denomination Respond to Home Evictions in East Jerusalem

Heads of Denomination from the Board of Churches for Middle East Peace, a coalition of 23 Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox national church bodies and organizations, respond to the forced eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem. The letter sent to Secretary Clinton states that the forced evictions undercut U.S efforts to create an environment to restart negotiations and are therefore harmful to both Israeli and Palestinian hopes for peace.

The Obama administration has called the evictions “unacceptable,” “provocative,” and “deeply regrettable.” The ecumenical letter thanks Secretary Clinton for her commitment to peace and her helpful statement of August 3 that eviction of families in East Jerusalem is “not in keeping with Israeli obligations.” Heads of Denomination, and the Christian Americans they represent, stand in support of Secretary Clinton’s strong words and state in their letter that all parties should refrain from activities that could undermine progress towards a peace agreement.

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