“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

HRP Quotes

Marwan Khair

Ten persons used to live in this house. The house is more than 40 years old. I could not rehabilitate the house due to the economic hardship we live in.  I had to close my olive wood workshop as a result of the closures and unstable political situation that led to pilgrims and tourists to cancel their visits to the Holy Land. We and the children are so excited for the change that occurred in our house. It made a big difference. Thanks to HCEF and the HRP team for their intervention to help us. We now live in much healthier conditions without the constant water leak from the street to the house, and we no longer have to smell the humidity that had become trapped in the tiles and walls.


Khader Farhoud

We are a family comprised of three persons. The three of us are suffering harsh health problems. None of us in the family is working, and the house needed a critical rehabilitation due to the high humidity in most of the house.  It had old electrical wires.  No proper electrical system existed, and the kitchen was small and unhealthy. We don't know what to say, and it is not enough to merely express our gratitude to HCEF and the HRP team for its help to change our lives. My daughter and I both suffer from asthma, and I had to use a breathing machine to cope with house smell due to the high level of humidity. Now, I am no longer using the machine at home due to the healthy condition I am living in.



Jamal Issa Kazaha

We are so excited to have the children’s room rehabilitated and to have another bathroom.  We are six members in this family, and 3 children lived in a room that was completely unsafe and where the plaster layers would fall from the ceiling at anytime.  After the rehabilitation process, the children are delighted to have a room that looks spacious, brighter and colorful, and there is no longer a smell from the humidity since the HRP team isolated the roof using asphalt.


Joseph Hatti

My children and I have a strong feeling of comfort.  Now the boys feel more independent, especially with the existence of a quiet place to study. They were sleeping and living in one unfinished room.  Honestly, you have achieved for us what we always dreamed of; you took the heavy burden, which we could not do alone. We are thankful to you and to your team for all the services that you have given us and we hope that you will be able to give others more and more.


Raed Masallha

At the outset, I would like to thank the HCEF and their team for this program.  Secondly, we ask God to give you the strength to carry on with this project in order to help others. We were suffering from a terrible situation in the house caused by a high level of humidity, and thanks to this program, our house is in better shape and is healthier than ever before.


George Khair

The Rehabilitation program helped us a lot, and even more – it encouraged us to contribute to the restoration of our house.  Now we like to stay at our home as one family.  We have been suffering from the noise that comes to us from the outside because we used to have damaged windows.  Thanks to God, it has been eased now. In addition, as a housewife living in this house during these years, I could never get the house tidy, healthy and clean like I can do now.  So, I thank the HCEF for their contribution.



Manawel Jarayseh

We lived in very unhealthy conditions due to a water leak that came into our home in wintertime and due to high humidity; as a result, we were forced to clean the house in the middle of the night. We are three sisters living with our father who had a stroke three years ago.  Living in this unhealthy condition caused me asthma in the lungs, and I must use an oxygen machine to help me in breathing. Really, we thank the HCEF for their support, help and assistance in improving our living condition.


Maher Rishmawi

The changes that we have made through this program have changed our life for better.  Due to the economic hardship, we could not restore our house alone. May God give you more and more strength to help other needy people like us.  In addition, we thank the HCEF and the HRP team for their intervention to help us.


Wael Badra

We have been living in this old house for so long, and my children could not invite their friends because the humidity spread all through the walls, causing a bad smell and turning the walls black. We thank HCEF and the HRP Team because they put a stop to our suffering. The children’s bedroom and the sitting area became healthier, clean and more beautiful, and this encourages my children to invite their friends without feeling any shame.


Suad Andoni

I am an old woman who lives with my three orphaned grandchildren in this old house.  My health does not allow me to work and provide them all the things that they need.  I applied to the HCEF to help me in rehabilitating the bathroom and kitchen, and they were ready to help me which made me and my grandchildren happy and grateful. Thank you for your support, which gives hope and lets us feel that we are not alone in this world.


Elaine Giacaman

I felt a radical fundamental change in my house, especially in my room.  I suffer from high level of humidity and the extreme cold in winter.  I live by myself, and I need to have a safe and healthy home, and you achieved this for me.  Thanks to HCEF!


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