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Untold Easter Story from Gaza

Yusef Daher
Executive Secretary
Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre – JIC
My neighbor… RS.. Why didn’t you come?… I saw your children and husband this morning … they came from Gaza. This is your Jerusalem, this is our feast.. Our Resurrection … Why didn’t you come?

RS is my next door neighbor, born in Jerusalem from a Jerusalem Christian Family. Their store is next to the Holy Sepulcher … they have been here hundreds of years.. Why didn’t we see you this morning…Tell me… tell the whole world… Why?

I will tell them…

RS is married to a Christian from Gaza and during Easter, Israeli Army permits some Christians from entering Jerusalem… well they did to RS husband and children … RS is allowed too but why didn’t she come? This is the untold story…

RS did not get a permit to return to Gaza if she leaves!!! Her parents tried several times and failed ….No answer yet … Well, today is Holy Friday.. We are walking the way of the cross.. We will celebrate Holy Light Saturday tomorrow if we, Jerusalem Christians, are allowed into our city… Yes. In her application it should say that RS needs to go into Gaza… before she leaves she has to make sure this permit is issued… The permit should say: She needs to “visit” her Children in Gaza…She needs a permit from the Israeli Army to live with her family… in their Home… in Gaza… and she has to get her permit before she leaves… Well she did not leave … she is detained in her home … She is isolated from her family in Easter…She longs for her mother’s arms in these days… She longs for her dad’s kiss… she misses her brother and sisters… she misses her family Easter meal.

And She is not alone … about fifty other Christian families face the same fate… they long and it has been too long… These are the untold stories…

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