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The Kindergarten children of Bethany can no longer reach their school

The children of the kindergarten of Bethany (Shayyah) Jerusalem which is run by the Combonian sisters, can no more reach their school through the small opening in the Separation Wall, adjacent to the school. This instruction was issued after a meeting, held on the last days, between Apostolic Nunzio, Msgr Antonio Franco, the sisters and the Military Authority of the area.

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This opening was allowed during the last academic year 2009-2010. To reach their school, fifty children from the Aizaria area (Palestinian compound situated behind the wall) were allowed to use this opening twice a day under the control of the soldiers and in presence of the sisters. This daily exercise lasted one year and was considered by the Military authorities as not secure for them and for the children.

The school should open within days but it is not certain how the children could join their schools. They can reach through making a long detour of 15 kms by bus or being allowed to use a shorter way, frequented only by military. Negotiations are still held to take the right decision. In the meanwhile the sisters and the children’s parents consider the survival of the school as a very important element for the future of the children themselves. The solution has to be found by the army, otherwise the school has to be closed.


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