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Bishop Younan Releases Statement of Prayer and Concern for the People of Egypt

Bishop Younan Releases Statement of Prayer and Concern for the People of Egypt

Jerusalem, 11 October 2011 – Following the recent events in Egypt, Bishop Munib Younan released the following statement today of prayer and concern for the people of Egypt.  Please continue to hold the people of Egypt in your thoughts and prayers.

Statement of Prayer and Concern for the People of Egypt


Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan
The Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land
The President of the Evangelical Family in the Middle East Council of Churches
11 October 2011

If one member suffers, all suffer together with it;

if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it.

–1 Corinthians 12:26

It is with great concern that we have been following reports coming from Egypt over the past few days.  We are distressed over the violence that has taken place and saddened over the loss of human life.

Over the last nine months, the world has watched closely the unfolding events in Egypt and has been encouraged by the cooperation of Muslims and Christians throughout the peaceful revolution.  From the very beginning Christians and Muslims lifted their voices as one in calling for a modern civil society in Egypt.  Together they called for a future based on fundamental human rights for every person and democratic ideas for their country—freedom of expression, freedom of religion, rights of minorities and gender equality.  We are confident that this kind of cooperation can be restored.

Egyptian society has included Christians and Muslims living side by side for centuries, and we are confident that the Egyptian people can and will continue this life together.  The Coptic Church and other Christian communities in Egypt are unique and integral parts of Egyptian society who lend strength to their country in their diversity.

In light of recent events, we are concerned that the fair implementation of freedom of religion for all Egyptians is not yet a reality—freedom to build houses of worship and to worship in security, regardless of religion, denomination, or sect.  We call upon all in leadership roles to ensure this freedom for all Egyptians alike and to protect its citizens against those few extremists—whatever their religion—who are self-centered in their aims and violent in their actions.

We mourn with the families and friends of those citizens of Egypt who were killed this week.  We hope that no further casualties will occur.  We pray for the people of Egypt and especially our sisters and brothers in the Christian community.  We urge the intermediary government and the military to cease all violence against civilians, to hold those accountable to justice, and to lead the country with integrity so that a new government can be democratically elected.

We hope that the developments of the Arab Awakening will support the popular will that has consistently called for the recognition of the fundamental human rights of all Egyptians, including freedom of religion and freedom of worship, regardless of religion, denomination or sect.

Source https://www.elcjhl.org/news/2011/2011.10_october.asp#egypt

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