“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Specific Goals

‘Journey to Bethlehem’

  • Strengthen the relationships between the different schools, communities and schools in the Holy Land.
  • Increase association with their homeland for the participating children.
  • Create an atmosphere of cooperation and participation within the local society to promote peaceful coexistence, and thereby security for all
  • Develop community knowledge about Palestinian heritage through visits to cities and holy-sites.
  • Preservation of the Palestinian and Arab Christian culture as a fundamental part of the Palestinian identity in the Holy Land.
  • Overcome the numerous obstacles faced by the local community to access holy-sites with dignity and ease.
  • Create sustainable relationships amongst Christian youth to increase their sense of belonging to the Holy Land.


Bethlehem-Washington Christmas Message of Peace

  • Create a bridge of cultural and spiritual dialogue between Palestinians and Americans by connecting Palestinian and American Christians with one another over a shared celebration, and by creating a healthy atmosphere of communication.
  • Increase the awareness of international Christian communities about the social and living conditions of Christians in the Holy Land.
  • Support Palestinian media services through their promotion and service provision at the event, and also by promoting them to the American community.
  • Convey a message of Christmas from the land of Christmas.
  • Promote the image of the Palestinian community and territories.
  • Encourage Americans to take pilgrimages to the Holy Land which will raise the profile of Christian Palestinians, increase solidarity between Christian communities, and also directly benefit the economy of Bethlehem.
  • Connect Arab Palestinians and Christian Palestinians living in the United States with their roots in the Holy Land.


The ‘Most Beautiful Christmas Tree in Palestine’ Contest

  • Connects parishes of the Holy Land with each other, through competition, but also indirect interaction to encourage future interaction between the various parishes which will work to strengthen the spirit of the local Christian community as a whole.
  • Increases the role and participation of youth and children within the parishes.
  • Supports artistic creativity within the parishes, in general, and within the younger members of the congregations, specifically.
  • Promotes the message of Christmas to young people.
  • Increases the participation of the youth in their Christian community to enhance their feelings of ownership and belonging to their homeland.

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