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Women’s Empowerment Program

Christine Hobbi Hill joins Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS – HCEF President/CEO & Hugh M. Dempsey, KMOb., KHS.- HCEF Vice President,
in a group photo with participants of the Women’s Empowerment Workshop hosted by HCEF – ECRD



Promoting Women – Helping Children Project
Building the capacity of women to improve the lives of families and children
through support, encouragement and education.


Palestinian women play a key role in the protection and care and education of their families. Women are nurturers, educators, custodians and bearers of social traditions.  Frequently, women bear the brunt of the psychological, societal and financial trauma experienced by families in the West Bank.  Obstacles include lack of social services, lack of training, low self-esteem, lack of technology and lack of information, in addition to social and cultural constraints. Women rarely have access to assistance that would enable them to meet the needs of their families.  

Promoting Women – Helping Children Project was created to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, and cultural restrictions placed in the lives of women and children, and advocates for sustainable development encompassing observance of personal well-being.

MISSION – Building the capacity of women to improve the lives of families and children through support, encouragement and education.


  • Personal development frameworks to include goals or benchmarks that define the end-points and identify strategies for reaching those goals
  • Each woman identifies baseline abilities and builds a developmental plan to include her progress assessment and stages that define milestones along her development path.
  • Participation in a feedback system to provide information on changes taking place.
  • Incorporates overarching objectives to:

• Attain lifelong learning for women and a quality education for children

• Mobilize knowledge and technology for sustainable development

• Address emerging social and ethical challenges

• Foster a cultural of dialogue and mutual support

• Equip women to succeed in the extraordinary and multiple roles that are often demanded of them

• Reach out to women with a goal of enhancing their capacities and developing their skills as parents and managers of the home

• Support women’s role in society through promoting their participation in personal, technical and literacy development.

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Activities include training courses, workshops, and technology labs offered at culturally sensitive times and locations. The broad goals and concrete objectives underpin all strategies and activities. The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF)’s unique competencies in training, program development and building strategic collaborations contribute towards the realization of the goals.


Promoting Women – Helping Children Project offers the following series of courses and labs:

  1. Parenting Skills
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Household Management
  4. Computer Literacy
  5. English Competency
  6. Women’s Political and Economic participation
  7. Gender Equality under the Law
  8. Rule of Law
  9. Entrepreneurship
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HCEF’s presence in the United States is enhanced by a large number of dedicated volunteers ranging from Palestinian and American Arab-speaking professionals, higher education administrators and faculty, and business leaders.

HCEF’s work in the Holy Land is strengthened by a professional staff and a stable network of individuals, groups, and organizations, both in the Christian and Muslim communities. 

HCEF’s partnership with educational institutions, professional organizations, religious leaders, government agencies, and socioeconomic entities is critical to the success of this initiative.


  • HCEF’s  international partners include professors and specialists in education, household finances and management, technology and literacy.
  • HCEF pools resources with a number of Palestinian and international partners at the grassroots level to mobilize internal and external resources needed to bring about change in the community.
  • HCEF, with its partners, has created opportunities that strengthen the capacity of women to successfully meet the challenges of ensuring the wellbeing of their families.
  • Bring Palestinian and American Arab-speaking professionals, higher education administrators and faculty, and business leaders to the table to build on the demonstrated success of developing collaborative networks of professional, educational, faith-based, and non-profit organizations whose expertise and capacity are well documented.
  • Utilize the institutional networks of the educational communities in the Palestine and the United States to develop women’s ability to parent effectively, manage their household, and utilize resources.


  • Structure and objectives based on understanding that decisions made by people about their own lives are often the most effective and sustainable.
  • Facilitates women in training and self-help groups to discuss their concerns in depth and examine the reasons behind them
  • Strengthens the ability of individuals and communities to find their own solutions to their particular problems. 
  • Focuses on sustainable enhancements and services that insure access to and engagement in a wide spectrum of developmental and training opportunities for young women and new mothers.
  • Builds on the abilities of the most vulnerable to help them achieve their full potential.


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