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Dr. Ashrawi: “We Look to the EU to Maintain their Own Policies and to Stand by Their Guidelines.”

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi expressed her deep concern at reports that the European Union is being asked to withdraw a recently announced set of guidelines prohibiting grants, prizes and financial instruments from being awarded to Israeli entities situated within the Occupied State of Palestine.

“The announcement of the EU Guidelines was a very positive step which played a significant role in the decision to resume negotiations. By refusing to extend grants and awards beyond the Green Line, these guidelines reinforce the 1967 border and play a constructive role in reaffirming the two-state solution, something which can only help the cause of peace.”

“Reports of US lobbying the EU on behalf of Israel are extremely discouraging and cast serious doubts on the US mediation role. Once again the US is using the negotiations process to grant Israel immunity and to buy it more time to create facts on the ground, thereby rendering the so-called "peace process" a self-defeating exercise.” Dr. Ashrawi added.

“These guidelines are a natural translation of the EU’s clear policy on Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise and the result of the full and effective implementation of the EU’s own laws. Two states on the 1967 border is a solution based on the UN recognition of the State of Palestine and endorsed by the entire international community, including the U.S. and the E.U.”

Dr. Ashrawi concluded: “We look to the EU to maintain their own policies and to stand by their guidelines. Weakening, delaying or cancelling the guidelines can only take us further from a just and lasting peace.”

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