“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Graffiti on Wall of Jerusalem Latin Parish Cemetery

JERUSALEM – The Latin Parish Priest, Fr. Feras Hejazin,OFM and his assistant, Fr. Haitham Yalda, OFM went to the cemetery of the Latin Parish on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, on Tuesday morning, October 1, having been notified by the security guard about some disgraceful writings on the wall. 

The Franciscans saw the writings and deplored them. The words in Hebrew “Tag Mehir” (price tag) were one of the walls, while on another wall an incomplete word was discovered, which leads to assume that the culprits were seen and fled away. Seven vehicles in the parking lot had flat tires.

Fr. Hejazin stated “regardless of who are guilty, such acts should stop. Christians living in this city wish to live here in peace, whether alive or dead.”   

The Custody of the Holy Land strongly denounces any attack on places of worship – regardless of who is the perpetrator “be itJew, Moslem or Christian,”  Fr. Heras pointed out.

This incident is an addition to a list of regrettable incidents, where in the past the Custody itself was targeted.  The Custody calls on the competent authorities to implement all means, including persuasive messages, to put an end to such acts of vandalism.  In turn, Jerusalem, like the rest of the Holy Land, can live up to its  mission, to radiate that  peace which God wants for all people.

By: Custody of the Holy Land

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