“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Message of Solidarity addressed to the Holy Family Latin Parish in Gaza

altFr. Jorge Hernandez and Fr. Mario Da Silva, Parish Priests

Pax Christi International expresses its deep concern about the ongoing and further escalating violence in the Gaza Strip. The situation continues to deteriorate, and the number of deaths in Gaza is mounting at an alarming rate.

Gaza is suffering the death and injury of large numbers of civilian men, women and children – in some cases, whole families are perishing in the conflict.

The high number of injuries and the destruction of homes, schools, and hospitals mean that there is a severe humanitarian crisis in the country, which already has fragile infrastructure.

Fr. Paul Lansu, Senior Policy Advisor of Pax Christi International, visited your parish on Sunday 12 January 2014 together with a group of Catholic Bishops. A Holy Mass was celebrated together with the members of the parish; prayers for just peace in Gaza and in the whole region were expressed. They also visited the house of the disabled children and elderly women whom the Sisters of Mother Theresa take care of. Yesterday, it was stated that missiles destroyed a house very close to the parish. We have learned that the disabled children and elderly women moved to the parish in order to seek a safer place. We appreciate very much all the work you and the small Catholic community are doing for the well-being of all people in Gaza.

Pax Christi International members around the world offer our sincere condolences to all those in mourning and pray that those who have been killed will be the last to die violent deaths in this escalation of hatred and vengeance. We are called by conscience to speak out in every way possible not only to end the current violence, but also to address the roots of violence.

Pax Christi International stands in solidarity with all Christians and all people of good will. We are convinced that prayers and voices for a just peace in the region will not be silenced. Peace requires the presence of justice, of equality, of recognizing our common humanity. Together with you, we do hope and believe that peace is possible and that justice will prevail.

Brussels, 18 July 2014

By: Rev. Paul Lansu– Senior Policy Advisor (Pax Christi International)

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