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In Gaza a Child Dies Every Hour. There is No Electricity, Water and Essential Medical Services

The wave of violence does not stop and the humanitarian crisis is severely affecting the population of the Gaza Strip, in particular children. So far at least 408 have died and 2,500 others injured. Palestinian children constitute half of the total of 1.8 million people living in the affected area. 70% of these deaths correspond to young people under the age of 12; approximately 900,000 children under 12 are still living a nightmare, many have been seriously maimed. Other 370,000 are in urgent need of psychological help. In addition, due to the exhaustion of fuel, nearly one million children have been left without electricity, water and medical services. 

Health facilities are collapsing due to the increase of premature births, trauma and lack of medicine. Because of air strikes against the only power station in Gaza, residents are receiving electricity for up to two hours a day. Water supplies have not been delivered, sewag e pumps do not work causing more serious concerns about the possible spread of disease in overcrowded shelters. The total collapse of the health system and infrastructure in Gaza would be catastrophic for children who are already paying with their lives: a child dies every hour. According to a report of the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), since the conflict began in Tel Aviv about 2,000 people have died, mostly civilians.
By: Agenzia Fides 
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