“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

The Martyrdom and the Mourning of the Coptic Church

After so many dark years of seclusion and persecution of its members, the Coptic Church was again smitten in the heart by the massacre of 21 young men, who died because they are Christians, killed by Daesh. More and more reactions in support of this centuries old Church

The video published by the terrorist group Daesh, notoriously known since several months, does not mask the lips of the men who for the last time pronounced the word “Massih” in Arabic. Until their last breath the 21 young men proclaimed their faith, which has condemned them to die in a most horrendous and atrocious manner.

This crime hits the Church directly, and the Coptic Church in particular. The video published by terrorists is undebatable: they are dealing with the “people of the Cross faithful to the hostile Egyptian Church”. After many black years of sufferings within the Egyptian society, of which they are part of since ancient times of the Church, here they are confronted with the threat of Daesh who has killed many Christians in Irak and in Syria. Even outside Egypt – the assassination of 21 men took place in Libya – the Coptic Church is menaced.

In Jordan, “they are being terrorized”, said Mgr Lahham, Patriarchal Vicar in Amman. “They pray for their brethren martyrs, and fear nothing because in Jordan there still exists a certain social and political stability”.

Yet the net is tightening. Daesh is present in Irak and in Syria. In the West, Boko Haam operates in Africa, Nigeria and Niger. Groups are also present in Libya and in Egyptian Sinai. In the eyes of the cyclone, Jordan, Jerusalem and the Holy places, Mgr Lahham further adds : “In Jordan – almost miraculously – the situation is still calm. But fear prevails and the future is bleak”.

Reacting effectively

Many have already reacted to this new phenomenon of extreme violence -namely Pope Francis who talked to Coptic Pope Tawadros.

“We must react in two directions”, says the Bishop of Jordan. “We express our condolences to the Coptic Church while we strongly denounce this barbarian act”

“At the same time, he adds, we must look for the causes which led many to be so inhuman, and focus on education of new generations, education which is born within first the family, then the school and finally the religious discourse inside the mosque”.

For that we should perhaps rely on the influence of the Chief Imam of Al Azhar, a Sunni Coran school recognized in the entire Arab world, and on the determination of the coalition, joined by Egypt in mourning, to wipe out every terrorist movement which seeks to massacre Christians or others without any reason, puhed by craziness.


Pierre Loup de Raucourt


Source: Latin Patriachate of Jerusalem

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