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Patriarch Gregoire III: “One Is Inconsiderate To Invoke External Military Interventions to Defend Christians in The Middle East”

Damascus – "One is inconsiderate to invoke external military interventions to defend Christians in Syria and the Middle East. We are a sovereign Country with a legitimate government, which is responsible for protecting its citizens. If one really wants to put an end to the tragedy of the Syrian people, there is only one way: stop wars, weapons, money and stratagems used to attack Syria". This is what the Patriarch of Antioch of the Greek-Melkite, His Beatitude Grégoire III said during a conversation with Agenzia Fides, who rejects the idea that the suffering inflicted on the Christian community and other components of the Middle Eastern populations by jihadists are evoked to justify military intervention under international auspices.

The Primate of the Eastern Catholic Church on Monday, March 16 presided a Vigil prayer for peace in the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, in Damascus, which was attended by representatives and delegations of all the Catholic and Orthodox communities.

"We shared songs and prayers of penitence and peace" refers the Patriarch, "showing all, even in this way, that Christians are the true promoters of peace in Syria". According to His Beatitude Grégoire III, the way to promote peace that the Church must constantly indicate "to all men of good will" is that of prayer and the support offered to all that can help to stop the flow of weapons that cause bloodshed in the Middle East.

"On September 7, 2013", recalls the Melkite Patriarch "Pope Francis called the world to the great prayer for peace. In past days, while we were praying, the news that Western countries will re-open talks with Assad spread. The groups that terrorize our people would not have had so much strength without aid and weapons they received from other nations and groups of power. This is why – continues Patriarch Grégoire – I appeal to Pope Francis and all the Churches and Christian communities, so that the two billion Christians around the world promote a concrete and realistic road map to ask all the forces to put aside their own calculations of power and all the causes that fuel the war. Only then the suffering of our people will have an end".

By: Agenzia Fides

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