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Al Azhar accuses the Coptic Church of inspiring anti-Islamic television programs

Cairo – The accusations launched by the al-Azhar Observatory against the Coptic Church with regards to anti-Islamic television programs broadcast by the channels of the NileSat platform were rejected by the spokespersons and representatives of the Egyptian Coptic community.

In recent days, al-Azhar Observatory – an organization linked to the Sunni University of Al Azhar, created in 2014 as a tool to monitor and denounce the spread of radical and extremist doctrines through the media – had accused the Coptic Church of being responsible of the al-Hayat satellite channel, which often broadcasts critical programs regarding the Islamic religion. According to the Observatory, such programs “increase hatred and resentment, threaten the security of society and spread extremist ideas”. Father Boulos Halim, spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church, rejected the allegations, pointing out in a television interview that the Coptic Church has no connection with the properties of al-Hayat channel, and does not intervene in any way in its programming, and disapproves of all programs that foment sectarianism and violence. Even the Coptic commentator Isaac Ibrahim criticized the provocative statement of al-Azhar Observatory, especially for choosing to spread accusations against the Coptic Church during for Christmas season.

Source: Fides News

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