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Summit in Bkerké: Christian and Muslim leaders united in “no” to US choices on Jerusalem

Bkerké – Every unilateral attempt to impose Jerusalem as the exclusive capital of the State of Israel represents an “unjust” act and contrary to all international pronouncements concerning the profile of the Holy City.

This is what Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros said during the opening of the inter-religious summit at the patriarchal seat of Bkerké to express a joint position on the issue of Jerusalem and the new tensions arising around the Holy City after Trump’s administration made the decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem. All the main religious communities present in Lebanon have joined Patriarch Rai’s call: the Grand Mufti Sunni Abdellatif Daryan, Mufti Kabalan representing the Shiite Muslims, Apostolic Armenian Catholicos Aram I, representative of the Druses, Syrian Catholic Patriarch Ignatius Youssif III Younan, Greek-Melkite Catholic Patriarch Youssef Absi participated in the “summit” in Bkerkè.

Maronite Patriarch Rai, in his speech, also reiterated the need to apply all international resolutions that recognize and protect the unique profile and special status of Jerusalem, a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world. The Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Daryan, in his speech, reiterated his opposition to the processes of “judaization” of Jerusalem, confirming support for the Palestinians “in their fight for justice” and in their “legitimate right to resistance”.

Source: Fides News

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