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Bishop Azar Condemns Killing of Unarmed Protestors in Gaza

ELCJHL Bishop Condemns Killing of Unarmed Protestors in Gaza

Official Statement From
Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar

15 May 2018, Jerusalem – Israel’s violent action against unarmed protestors at the Gaza border has resulted in the deaths of at least 60 human beings and more than 2000 injuries among whom are children and women. Our church, the ELCJHL, strongly condemns these killings and the unjustified and disproportionate use of force against unarmed civilians, as we condemn all

We mourn with the families of the dead and dying and pray for the recovery of the injured. We believe that violent actions against the Palestinian civilians will hinder the potential for peace and reconciliation efforts between Israel and Palestine and will only lead to more violence and bloodshed.
Today marks 70 years of the Palestinian Nakba, the ongoing catastrophe of displacement for the Palestinian people. Yesterday’s massacre at the border, along with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem in direct violation of international law, increases the likelihood that protests will continue today. I call upon the Israeli government to show restraint, and to pursue
negotiations with Palestinian leaders rather than choosing violent action against unarmed protestors. The ELCJHL maintains its long-standing position that any final status agreement will include Jerusalem as a shared city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims with free access to holy sites for all, and that it must serve as capital of both Palestine and Israel.

We will continue to pray, advocate, and faithfully work towards a peaceful and just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We ask people of faith around the world to join us in prayer, as well as in advocacy with your respective governments.

Bishop Sani-Ibrahim Azar
Source: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land


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