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A kitchen of excellence for Home of Our Lady of Sorrows.

JERUSALEM – The Home of Our Lady of Sorrows is a specialized accommodation for elderly dependent people. Created 60 years ago at the request of the Latin Patriarchate by the Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows, Home is now undergoing rehabilitation. Thanks to generous donors, the kitchen, the first stage of this rehabilitation, has been totally renewed and upgraded to meet the legal requirements and provide a quality service to its residents.

It was the Patriarch Gori who made the request to the superior of the Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows. This French congregation, founded in Tarbes by Marie Saint-Frai and whose charisma is welcoming and caring for the poor, has risen to the challenge and opened a house in 1967 for elderly Palestinians without families or resources.

Today the house located in the district of Ras Al Amud at the limit of Abu Dis still accommodates about fifty residents but must consider a rehabilitation to be able to maintain its activity. “The Ministry of Health first asked us to present a kitchen that meets the standards in force,” says Sr. Marie-Edouard, superior of the community, “but we will also consider the complete restructuring of our accommodation.”

This first step would not have happened without the generous support of multiple donors. The North American Central Lieutenancy has been asked by the Patriarchate to support this project, which supports the care of many elderly Christians in the Old City who can no longer stay at home. “We were also accompanied by the Pontifical Mission and appealed to individual donors that we contacted through the Credofunding website. The congregation in France has also taken a part in its charge, “adds Sr. Marie-Edouard.

The work was completed in October and now allows a quality service. The generous family kitchen has always been improved by modern equipment such as the steam oven chosen to preserve the nutrients and vitamins of vegetables when cooking. “The standards are strict but thanks to this kitchen we can offer meals that promote the health of our residents and a comfortable working environment for our team of professionals,” says Sr. Marie-Edouard. “For 150 years, our congregation has always benefited from the generosity of donors to welcome the poorest elderly characters, but it must be said today that the legal requirements are such that we must maintain a greater confidence in the Providence to hope to maintain our mission among the most fragile. Fortunately Saint Joseph is watching!”

Cécile Klos

Source: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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