“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Catholic Church does its best to support diminishing Christian community in Gaza

In Gaza one lives in “tension and uncertainty” and the constant fear of a new war, this according to Fr. Mario da Silva, who has been parish priest in the Strip for the past six years.

“There is a lot of fear. Sometimes there is an agreement between the parties; they promise to keep the truce. At other times, there are bombings. We feel that war could break out at any time.”

In this difficult context, the Church has tried to support and give the Christian community a rest, especially the children.

“Despite all uncertainties we cannot postpone our activities. We have organized a summer camp for children, about 160 with 40 young helpers,” Fr. Da Silva said.

“In the summer we have to do many activities because it’s a sad period, it’s the holiday season, the kids are home and do not have anywhere to go. There’s no place to have fun. This is why the Church must come up with various activities with Christians.

“The month of June is with the children, July with the young and August with the families. We organize ourselves this way, offering a bit of fun and rest for people.”

The occasion is not only social but also spiritual. “In the middle of all these problems, we try to preach hope; our hope that is Jesus Christ. He is also an opportunity to gather Christians. We are about 980-1,000. We work with everyone, young people and children.

It is a wonderful opportunity to preach the name of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and love among us.”

Source: asianews.it

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