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Kairos Palestine’s visit to South Africa

A Kairos Palestine delegation visited South Africa for a week. The delegation was: Father Jamal Khader, Mr. Rifat Kassis and Ms. Muna Nassar. The delegation met with many Christian and Islamic leaders, leaders of some churches, the Palestinian ambassador, the staff of the Palestinian embassy and representatives of different ministries, official institutions and political parties, including representatives of the ANC and many civil society groups, pro-Palestinian groups and representatives of the South African Resistance. The Kairos delegation stressed the need to strengthen the awareness of churches and civil society about the plight of the Palestinian people as a result of the Israeli occupation and the Apartheid regime imposed by the occupation on us wherever they are as the South African community has suffered apartheid, racism and oppression for many decades. The delegation also met former South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The delegation delivered a number of lectures in many places, including the University of Pretoria. The visit aimed at explaining the Palestinian issue and the recent developments on the ground, and showing the importance of South Africa’s role in solidarity with the Palestinian people especially that it has went through this experience. It also aimed at strengthening cooperation relations to support the Palestinian cause at all official and popular levels. The delegation also stressed the need of South Africa to be a pioneer in supporting the Palestinian cause in the African continent and the world, because of its great significance, moral and political importance in the world.

Source: kairospalestine.ps

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