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Bethlehem: the mothers of Saint Joseph return to school.

A few steps from the headquarters of the University of Bethlehem, in the ICP (Institution Cooperative Partnership), every wednesday morning the mothers of Saint Joseph College return to school. Fortwo hours a week  about thirty ladies of all ages have the opportunity to take lessons held by professors and experts on various topics. Each topic is treated for about 20 hours in total, allowing them to deal with different subjects during the year and get a small diploma for each discipline. Courses range from the psychology and education of children, to cooking classes and home economics, all taught by professors and experts in the field.

Naila Nasser, a social worker who has been working for ATS pro Terra Sancta in Bethlehem for a few years, is Gloria Nasser, a social worker and teacher at Saint Joseph. She has been responsible for the project for some time: “It’s an initiative born for twelve years does. First we received support from other associations, but when they failed, ATS pro Terra Sancta took over the project, allowing us to continue, “says Naila.

They tell us that in Bethlehem it is common for mothers, housewives, and friends to get a coffee in the middle of the morning to discuss, but the meetings have something more than talk in company: “we learn useful things that we can then share with the friends”. Miriam confides to us that thanks to the course of Hebrew she was able to help her son to do her homework in a language she previously did not know: “I think it’s important to find a job and to know better who lives on the other side of the wall”. Everyone wants to share their experiences with us and Amel admits: “One of the courses that my children appreciated the most was the cooking class: I learned to cook new recipes revisiting traditional dishes, thanks to the advice of chefs professionals. ”

No matter their age, the number of children, religion (the course is attended by mothers and Muslims and Christians), or social background, all are willing to get involved to discover something new.

All are grateful and grateful to ATS pro Terra Sancta and the organizers for making the course possible. And to our request of what they would like to do in the next meetings they answer us: “A picnic together and an Italian course”, is someone adding, laughing, “and why not, maybe even a trip to Italy!”

Source: www.proterrasancta.org

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