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Capacity Building Program: Life Soft Skills Training for Latin Patriarchate employees.

JERUSALEM – The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is keen to provide its employees with quality training as to improve their talents, competences, and efficiencies. Hence, the General Administration along with the Human Resource Department have arranged for a Life Soft Skills Training as part of the Capacity Building Program funded by the Grand Magisterium.

The aim of this training was to develop and strengthen the employees’ skills in different fields of life, as well as, to improve their competencies and abilities to achieve the best results at work.

The life soft skills training was conducted by Mr. Michael Tanas, a lecturer at Bethlehem University and a trainer and facilitator of workshops relating to community development and capacity building. The training which gathered 22 participants into three sessions held in July 2019 had addressed the following topics: office business etiquette, time and stress management, communication and presentation skills, problem solving, team work and creative thinking. The skills were taught using the different training techniques such as group work, practical exercises and case studies.

The training aimed to develop the employees’ skills to cope with the challenges faced in day-to-day professional or practical life since it simulates their day to day activities. According to the feedback of employees the training course was very useful as it tackled the soft skills needed at the employee’s daily life.

Source: Latin Patriarchate Road 

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