“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Patriarch Sabbah: Love is the only commandment that Jesus left us.

A parish is good when both pastor and parishioners are good. Goodness requires cooperation, patience, mutual love, sharing, humility in both and mutual acceptance. With this cooperation, love and humility,the parish forms good believers who pray, love, and build the parish and society as a whole.

The parish is a place where the shepherd and the parishioners meet before God. Beyond all aspects of human life, beyond all external relations, the parish is the place where the whole community meets God not only on Sunday but every day because life is formed and grows every day to mold a human being who knows God and man, his brethren.

Love is the only commandment that Jesus left us. It is a power that activates all the good in us, when we know how to love, to give and share without limits. With love and prayer before God,we build the parish. With love, the city and the village can be built if only everyone knows what love is and how it can be a powerful and supporting source for all, and eradicates all kinds of evil or oppression.

The parish is a joint cooperation between the pastor and the parishioners based on prayer and active love.

By: Patriarch Michel Sabbah

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