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Holy Land: a pilgrimage in the middle of winter.

Commissioner of the Holy Land
“This pilgrimage takes place in the middle of winter in the Holy Land and as a guide, part of my responsibility is to check the weather, every day, and see if it is easy or difficult to walk the streets of the old city, or go to other places. We are in winter: it is very cold today.”

These are the challenges of those who leave on pilgrimage. Depending on the period you may find it very hot or very cold and rainy. This is the experience of the group of the United States Holy Land Commissariat.

Commissioner of the Holy Land
“In every country, we have the Commissariats that promote the Holy Land and pilgrimages. I live in Washington DC, where the US Commissariat is based. We promote the Holy Land, the Holy Father’s Good Friday collection from which all Christians in the Holy Land benefit, and we lead pilgrimages.
So this group came on pilgrimage, sponsored by the Franciscans of Washington DC.”

Commissioner of the Holy Land
“We have seen in recent years the increase in the number of pilgrims to the Holy Land and the majority of them comes from the United States: for us Franciscans, it is a great joy, because for 800 years our mission has been to welcome pilgrims, and it is a great pleasure for me to guide them and introduce them to the Land where Jesus walked”.

The important thing is the predisposition to face a dense program with intense walks and long lines. But, with a heart open to news and Revelation, the experience is very rich.

“It was very exciting and beautiful!
The places I visited give a vision of what the holy land was once supposed to be, so rather than trying to imagine the places from which Christ, Mary and the apostles passed, I can instead see what they were supposed to be and I hope they give me a vision that will help me to pray”.

“It’s a wonderful experience, I feel like an Ambassador, I’m from Cincinnati, OHIO. I brought with me 8 pages of prayer requests from everyone. I feel like an “ambassador of prayer” because what happens here is powerful, the scriptures come to life, it is like a 3D gospel. We feel privileged because we have a good Franciscan as a guide, so well informed in making the scriptures alive.”

“For some time I wanted to come to these places because for many years I’ve dreamed of setting foot on this holy ground. And now my dream has come true. I believe it is the experience of a lifetime, which will change my life and my preaching since I am a diocesan priest.
It was incredible and I can’t wait to share this experience with the parishioners of the 3 parishes where I serve, and with friends and relatives”.

“Being in the places where He has been will allow me to share with my parishioners, family and friends, a different way of looking at the Gospel of Christ.”


Source: cmc-terrasanta.org

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