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Council of the Heads of Churches in Jordan issues statement.

Members of the Council of the Heads of Churches in Jordan met on Saturday, May 30, at the Greek Orthodox Vicariate in Amman to prepare a new mechanism and issue instructions prior to the reopening of the churches.

At the outset of the meeting, the heads of the churches extended thanks and prayers to His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein, to all departments and institutions especially the Ministry of Health, the medical personnel working in the public and private sectors, the Jordanian Army, and all the security apparatuses for their work during the recent and difficult period that befell the country and the entire world caused by pandemic Covid- 19.

In line with the government’s decision to reopen churches on Sundays, effective Sunday, June 7, 2020, the heads of churches decided to undertake the following precautionary measures in all churches of the Kingdom:
1. Commitment to wearing masks and sanitizing hands at the entrance of the church prior to admission.
2. The worshipers are to maintain social distancing of at least one-and –a half meters.
3. In lieu of shaking hands, worshippers may bow while keeping a safe
distance between the one and the other.
4. The elderly, the children, the sick, and anyone who has any symptoms of sickness may pray at home.
5. Gatherings are banned prior and after prayer Masses at the church entrances and halls.
6. Suspension of all pastoral activities in the churches until further notice.
7. The duration of homilies should not exceed 10 minutes.
8. Removal of carpets and seat covers from churches.

The council members also discussed matters relevant to marriages, baptisms, and funerals. They presented a request seeking the government’s approval to hold such ceremonies with attendants between 30 and 50 people. They also requested the government’s approval to celebrate Holy Masses on Fridays since it is an official day off which enables people to come to churches.

At the end of the meeting, the council members called for strict commitment to these measures, and implored the Almighty God to protect Jordan’s leader and people.

Source: Amman- en.abouna.org

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