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Lebanon: Catholic organizations join hands to save the educational sector.

Many thanks go to Caritas Lebanon and the Orient Action Organization for this noble gesture that exudes divine love and mercy as it is designed to resuscitate the educational sector and help restore to the Lebanese people their integrity in the field of education.

Education is the cornerstone for the progress of any nation. A bird’s eye view on the world countries shows that countries which appreciate education, by establishing educational institutions that provide students with high-quality education, take the lead in various aspects of life.

Several countries nowadays take pride in the number of scientists and researches they have in addition to the number of inventions produced annually and the numbers of useful research studies that help humanity overcome several problems they face in life. It suffices us to note that during the coronavirus pandemic only a handful of scientifically advanced countries managed to produce vaccines capable of curtailing the spread of the fatal coronavirus.

With the deteriorating economic situation in Lebanon parents at many of the 321 Catholic schools in Lebanon were struggling to pay annual fees, according to Maronite Fr. Boutros Azar, secretary general of the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools in Lebanon, who added that, “But we have made a decision to continue and do whatever it takes to keep schools open.”

In this regard, it has also been reported that Caritas Lebanon and the Orient Action Organization have signed a partnership agreement designed to help bring back students to classes by paying their school fees, as well as by helping 235 Christian schools and six universities keep their doors open.

This first stage of the initiative includes covering a percentage ranging between 20 per cent-90 per cents of school fees for 120,000 students. The second stage of the initiative helps schools having uphill economic problems by buying them needed fuel for running electricity generators.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, some 1.2million students have left schools due to the fact that poverty deprived students from pursuing their studies as numerous families did not have enough funds to buy their children books and other needed commodities. Lebanon’s economy was badly battered political instability, demonstrations, strikes, and the Beirut Port explosion, in addition to the corona pandemic. So extending a helping hand at this critical situation is a divine blessing.

Many thanks go to Caritas Lebanon and the Orient Action Organization for this noble gesture that exudes divine love and mercy as it is designed to resuscitate the educational sector and help restore to the Lebanese people their integrity in the field of education.

Caritas internationalis, headquartered in Rome, is credited for having all the time been active in extending a helping hand to countries suffering from various setbacks.

As model of Caritas humanitarian activities, is Caritas Jordan which has all the time worked tirelessly to fulfill its love message to the poor and needy by the good work of groups and individuals offering medical and humanitarian services to the needy regardless of their religions, creed, nationality, and affiliation.

It has all the time been conveying invaluable service by assisting the poor and the needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas International  members to achieve the desired goals.

Caritas is worthy support and appreciation for the nonpareil humanitarian services it provides to all sectors of societies in various countries of the world.

By Munir Bayouk

Source: en.abouna.org

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