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Fr. Francesco Patton: Custody of the Holy Land raising funds to help earthquake victims in Syria

Custos of the Holy Land Brother Francesco Patton has issued a message indicating that the  Custody of the Holy Land, we will always do whatever possible to support its mission and to help the local population, noted  stating a campaign to raise funds through the Pro Terra Sancta association to help the earthquake victims. Following is the text of his message:

Dearest brothers of the Custody,

May the Lord grant you peace.

As all of you already know, a terrible earthquake hit Turkey and Syria in the early hours of Tuesday 6 February, sowing destruction and death.

In Syria, it is the north-western regions  in particular that have been hit, where we are also present: the communities of the Valley of the Orontes, Aleppo and Lattakia.

I have been able to contact the Delegate Fr. Bahjat to find out what the situation is like, and also the friars of the other communities through WhatsApp. Thanks to God, the friars are all well, but there is enormous damage both in the villages of Knaye and Yakoubie, and in Aleppo and Lattakia. Our brothers are doing extraordinary work to take people into our more solid facilities: in Aleppo alone we are taking in and helping more than 2500 people.

As the Custody, we will always do whatever possible to support this mission and to help the local population. We have already started raising funds through the Pro Terra Sancta association and donations can also be sent to the Custody’s Bursar, with the cause “Help for Earthquake Victims.”

We will keep you updated on the situation as it develops, while we want to share with you the testimony of the Delegate for Syria, Fr. Bahjat, Guardian and Parish Priest of Aleppo.

Let us pray for all those who have been affected by the earthquake and let us all take action to raise awareness on this new suffering that has struck our brothers after 12 years of war.


May the Lord bless you,

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