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Order of the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Land supports several projects

Several projects supported by the Order of the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Land have been concluded with the aim of helping train young people to serve their country and land in the faith, under the motto ‘Ut Cognoscant te’, which means ‘that they may know you’ (in other words: you, the one true God).

Three projects were completed at the Gaza School

The school’s entrance hall and laboratory needed renovation: the accessibility of these two areas had been compromised by various problems.

The school entrance hall is a very important space because it is used for all school activities, including meetings, assemblies and gatherings. The windows, lighting and ventilation system needed to be replaced and the entire security system overhauled.

Furthermore, the school laboratory had become unusable due to a serious water leak that had caused extensive damage.

Thanks to a grant from the England and Wales Lieutenancy, the necessary work was carried out to make these two areas safe.

The second intervention, which was completed in recent months, was the installation of a new steel roof on the school’s playing field, thanks to a donation from the Dutch Lieutenancy.

This project was proposed to complement the Latin Patriarchate’s commitment to provide its students with a positive school environment and to contribute to their health and well-being.

The new canopy will provide a shaded area where students can rest during recess and protect themselves from the adverse effects of sun and rain, allowing for longer periods of safe learning and play. In addition, the more adequately protected play area will also serve the parish to host the many family and social events that require a shaded outdoor area.

Lastly, the French Lieutenancy financed the renovation of the computer labs for the students and teachers of the Gaza school.

In Misdar, one of the poorest districts of Amman, Jordan, the parish has grown considerably over the years. The Order has taken over the work in the Church of Christ the King.

Renovation of spaces for the Catholic Church in Jordan

The Lieutenancy for Germany financed the renovation of the Latin parish in Smakiyeh, covering the church, the priest’s house and the multi-purpose hall. The parish, located in a marginalized area outside the capital Amman, had not been renovated for decades. Thanks to this project, the Latin Patriarchate was able to create a pastoral environment suitable for living, praying and participating in masses and parish events.

In Misdar, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Amman, located in the eastern part of the city, where families struggle to meet their daily needs, the parish was established in 1924 and the construction of the church and school was completed in 1928.

This parish continued to function normally until 1948, when many Palestinians fled their country and settled in the area. In fact, the parish grew significantly over the years, especially as many refugees fled from Middle Eastern countries and the region became a destination for all these immigrants.

Both places were in urgent need of maintenance to meet the minimum health and safety standards of the residence. The project also included tiling work on 400 meters of the Church of Christ the King. All of this was made possible by another generous contribution from the Lieutenancy for England and Wales.

Also in Jordan, the Lieutenancy for Luxembourg donated funds for the renovation of the meeting room of the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) in Jabal Amman. The Chaplain and the IYCS management team have always insisted on the need to create a professional environment to be used for meetings and activities at the IYCS headquarters. The renovated space will be ideal for group gatherings, formal committee meetings or training events. The space will also be used to organize online meetings, video conferences, presentations, lectures and interviews.

Projects for the entire Diocese

The Lieutenancy for Luxembourg also supported the work of renewing the IT management system for the entire Diocese of Jerusalem. The Latin Patriarchate needed to create a centralized web application system that could be hosted by the Patriarchate’s Data Centre and be accessible to all parishes and the Chancery, including the Custody of the Holy Land (Franciscans).

The Lieutenancy for Eastern Spain supported the training of employees of the Latin Patriarchate, those of the Beit Afram home for the elderly, the seminary, the press office, the vicariates, etc., through capacity-building courses.

The program, implemented by the Human Resources Department of the Patriarchate, included courses of various types, including: principles of record keeping, accounting, salary processing and management, strategic planning for school headmasters, technical training in electricity, master’s degree in medical nursing for adults, culinary arts, and music training for kindergarten teachers.

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