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Jordan: The Messengers of Peace Association forms new administrative board of directors

On Tuesday February 21, 2023 the Messengers of Peace Association (Mensajeros de la Paz Association) launched a new start with the formation of a new administrative board which was attended by official, diplomatic and public figures in addition to representatives of charity and  social associations.

Head of the association Fr. Khalil Ja’ar said that the Messengers of Peace Association is a global, non-profit, and non-governmental organization. He added that this association was officially registered in Jordan in 2004 with the aim of conducting numerous social, charitable and cultural activities,

He added, “Within specific goals under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development, the Messengers of Peace Association provides its services to needy people in the Jordanian society so as to bring about comprehensive and sustainable development including empowering needy families and supporting students in pursuing their studies.  he continued that it supports and protects thousands of Iraqi refugees because Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II  has become a safe haven.”

Director of the association Engineer Nour Al-Sa’ida reviewed the history of the Messengers of Peace Association since its establishment in Jordan in 2004 and referred to the programs it offers relevant to protection, education, as well as training refugees, women and youth to empower them for a better future. She indicated that one of the objectives of the association is to continue providing its services to 3,000 people in various regions of the Kingdom until the end of this year.

The Messengers of Peace Association’s new board of directors includes head of the Association Fr. Khalil Ja’ar, Chairman of the Board of Directors His Excellency George Kordahi, Director of the Association Nour Al-Sa’ida , Director of Communications Mr. Ismail Salah, Director of Projects Mrs. Ayat As’ad, Director of Health Programs Ms. Sahar Qasrawi,  and Director of Programs Mr. Naji Al-Naji.

The Messengers of Peace was born on October 1962 in the city of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) as an initiative of two young men recently ordained as priests, namely Padre Ángel García Rodríguez and Padre Ángel Silva.

At the time, the association was composed of a group of people driven by a special social sensitivity towards the groups of marginalized children and young people. These young men embarked on an adventure aimed at the assistance and care of helpless children, with no home or family. The children were offered the possibility of living in a proper environment that allows their personal and social growth with family values, so they could integrate into society and avoid their institutionalization and marginalization, training them to be self-sufficient and able to organize their own lives.

It was in Oviedo where the first family home was inaugurated. It held 12 children, young people and even adults who had been living on the street. It was an open home, with no age or problem limits; a place where everyone had a roof, a bed, company and food.

By Munir Bayouk | en.abouna.org 

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