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New Patriarch for the Ancient Church of the East

The Ancient Church of the East, which traces its origins to the earliest days of Christianity, celebrates the appointment of Mar Georges III Younan as Patriarch.

Mar Georges III Younan has been appointed Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East, in a ceremony was held at Holy Mary Cathedral in Baghdad on Friday 9th June.

The Ancient Church of the East split from the Assyrian Church of the East in the 1960s. Both can claim descent from the historic Church of the East, an early Christian denomination which once boasted dioceses across Asia, from Iran to India to China.

Today, its adherents are found mainly in Iraq and the Iraqi diaspora.

Patriarch Louis Sako – head of the Chaldean Church, the branch of the Church of the East in communion with Rome – visted Mar Younan following his appointment, wishing him a “fruitful” period in office.

Christians in Iraq – one of the oldest continuous Christian communities anywhere in the world – have faced severe challenges in recent years, including discrimination and terrorism. Church leaders have warned that their communities face extinction unless the situation improves.

By Joseph Tulloch | Vaticannews

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